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As we step into the cooler months, it seems appropriate to rethink our approach to the winter season. Far from being a dormant period, winter in Australia is brimming with unassuming potential. What Winter ideas can we consider to keep our momentum moving forward in what is a ‘slower season’ for many places of accommodation. Let’s take a shallow dive to get us thinking about the Season ahead!

Gains of Winter Serenity

Ever tried to capture a photo of a popular landmark only to have a hundred other travelers featuring in your image? Winter is traditionally a quieter time for travel in Australia, presenting a unique selling point. This offers up the opportunity to market your property as the perfect escape from the bustling crowds. This can be particularly appealing to couples seeking a romantic getaway or solo travellers looking for peace and quiet. For areas that are conducive to Winter conditions such as, the Dandenong ranges with the fog and occasinal snow – this is the time to really capitalise. Capture your digital content during this time to flaunt to potential guests.

Promote the Northern Gem

The northern regions of Australia, such as Perth and Cairns, bask in their prime during the winter months. If your property is located here or even if you’re considering a partnership with accommodations in these areas, now is the time to promote Winter as the ideal season for exploring the tropical landscapes.

Winter Sports Hub

For properties in the colder climates, transform your space into a winter sports sanctuary. Collaborate with local ski resorts and offer joint packages that include stay, ski passes, and transportation. Organise events like après-ski evenings with local wines and cheeses to draw in the crowds. Not only does this provide guests with a seamless experience, but it also places you as a central figure in their winter adventure. Cities like Melbourne and Adelaide attract big sporting events during these cooler months; this is a time to rethink where your sales attention is directed.

Host Vibrant Winter Festivals

Embrace the festive spirit by hosting or sponsoring winter festivals. Whether it’s a local music festival, a culinary fair celebrating seasonal produce, or an art and light event like Vivid Sydney, participating in these festivals can significantly raise your property’s profile. Offer special accommodation packages that include festival tickets and exclusive experiences like behind-the-scenes tours. It’s exclusive offers like these that keep you at the top of this list.

Leverage Unique Wildlife Experiences

Promote winter as the prime time for wildlife watching. From whale watching along the southern coasts to the famous penguin parade on Phillip Island, these are experiences that guests can only get during the winter months. Offer guided tours, or perhaps collaborate with local wildlife sanctuaries to provide educational and interactive guest experiences.

Offer Unbeatable Winter Deals

With lower demand, winter is an excellent time for you to offer competitive rates and special deals. This could be particularly appealing for longer stays, family holidays, or last-minute bookings. Make sure these offers are visible across all your marketing channels to attract as broad an audience as possible.


Winter in Australia is a season that certainly has its potential. It’s a time when you can truly differentiate your offering and create unique value propositions that attract guests. As an accommodation provider, view Winter not as a time to slow down, but as a strategic period to innovate and captivate a market looking for something out of the ordinary. Embrace the season’s opportunities to fill your rooms and create a long lasting relationship with new guests.

Here’s to a profitable winter season filled with learning, testing and bustling activity!