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There’s a bit of a buzz about how the whole work-from-anywhere vibe is seriously changing the game in travel. There’s a pretty interesting trend on the rise – it’s called ‘bi-leisure’ travel, and it’s pretty much the dream for remote work enthusiasts. Often when new trends arise, so does new opportunity. It might be interesting to look at this and see what might be in it for places of accommodation. Let’s learn!

What’s This Bi-Leisure Buzz All About?

Imagine this: You’re relaxing in a cosy café in the hills, firing off emails with a view of Melbourne cityscape. Or maybe you’re wrapping up a Zoom call on a sunny beach on the Central Coast before hitting the waves. That’s bi-leisure for you – mixing business with pleasure in the best way possible.

Tailor-Made Spaces for Work and Play

Some accommodations are getting major upgrades to keep up with this trend. We’re talking about more than just free Wi-Fi here. Think ergonomic workstations, quiet corners with greenery for ultimate focus, and lightning-fast internet (if there is such a thing here in Australia) – somewhat essential for those of us who need to work efficiently and stay connected.

The Intruiging Part: Shared Office Spaces in Holiday Settings

Here’s where it gets even more interesting. Companies are curating these amazing packages where you can work in shared spaces (like super impressive, fresh co-working spots) and then play tourist in the off hours. It’s like getting the best of both worlds and a fantastic way to meet fellow digital nomads, which is also a great sales point for managers of this kind of offering.

The New Face of Business Travel

This isn’t your typical business trip. Bi-leisure is all about finding that sweet spot between meeting deadlines and making memories. It’s about turning a work trip into an adventure – the evolving nature of work. In a world where remote working is increasingly the norm, the idea of being tied to a single location for work seemingly becoming more outdated. Bi-leisure trips offer a refreshing change of scenery, which can boost creativity, provide new perspectives, and often lead to greater job satisfaction. Accomodations can leverage this change by integrating not only the local culture, leisure activities and relaxation but, these work spaces and related environments  into a sales pitch to potential guests.

Hot Spot For Business Travel and Remote Work

It’s time to think about if this is a trend you can capitalise on. If so, can you create a name for your business in the space? The remote work style of business and travel is certainly niche market, and one that is only in its infancy stages. As stated earlier, there is an opportunity here. Many accommodation providers are starting to tap into this as the nature of work is evolving with bi-leisure travel  starting to look like a mainstay. Creating a hot spot for bi-leisure travel can expand your market reach as new customers enter your doors; and we know new customers share their experience with the world! It’s important to always keep up with emerging trends to profit from new opportunities that fit your business.