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So, you’ve got guests leaving with big smiles on their faces time after time, because you work hard to deliver a good stay, time after time. Sometimes you wonder “How can I leverage their satisfaction to benefit the business?” Let’s sort through a few ideas in turning those good vibes into even better business to enhance your business’s reputation, attract more guests, and ultimately, increase revenue.

The Magic in Good Reviews

A study by BrightLocal found that 87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2020, highlighting the importance of positive online presence. Encourage your guests to share their experiences on popular review platforms such as TripAdvisor, Booking.com, and Google Reviews.

Make it super easy for your guests to leave their thoughts by shooting them a link or two after their stay. Simple prompts like this will increase the chances of your guests sharing about their positive experience. The more reviews you have the more confidence potential guests will have in booking a stay with you.

Say ‘Thanks’ with a Referral Program

Maximising positive guest experiences makes smart business sense. The energy and effort you have previously put into the business can now be leveraged to create more business and increase your value.

Another great option is to set up a referral program. It’s like telling your guests, “Hey, got any mates who’d love it here too? Bring ’em along!” And then you sweeten the deal with a discount or a freebie for them and their friends. It’s a win-win. Think about how Dropbox got a bunch more people signed up by doing something similar when they significantly increased their sign-up rates by 60%, demonstrating the effectiveness of this strategy.

Keep the Chat Going

Just because your guests have headed home doesn’t mean the conversation has to end. Keep in touch with personalised emails or newsletters to stay connected. Remember, it takes less resources to maintain a happy relationship and have repeat customers, than acquire new ones. Throw in a special deal or tell them about some cool new thing you’ve added since their visit.

Among many businesses executing this strategy, The Ritz-Carlton provide a great example of post-stay engagement by sending personalised thank you messages and inquiries about their stay, enhancing guests’ sense of value and belonging. They’re all about making guests feel special even after they’ve waved goodbye. Think about how you could impliment this strategy and review the retention rates for you accommodation.

Leverage User-Generated Content

By now, it’s no secret that when your guests post those envy-inducing pics on their socials, that’s gold for you. Encourage your guests to tag your location or use a specific hashtag when posting about their stay. When guests post their shots on socials it gives future guests a real peek into the fun times awaiting them and serves as authentic promotional material.

It’s important to create a simple and natural way for this to occur. An example of this would be to have something that’s at least iconic to your accommodation. A great example of this would be the big banana at The big banana fun park in Coff’s Harbour.

Exclusive Benefits for Repeat Guests

Lastly, don’t forget about those who keep coming back for more – recognise and reward their loyalty. Offer exclusive benefits for repeat guests, this could mean early check-ins, late check-outs, room upgrades, or special discounts. These gestures make guests feel valued and increase the likelihood of repeat visits and recommendations.

Ever noticed how Starbucks keeps customers coming back with their rewards? This program is a prime example of how offering exclusive benefits can grow loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Make the most of happy guests with strategies that, when given the time, can really increase the output of your previous efforts. From getting them to talk you up online, to keeping the holiday feels going long after they’ve left. Build and maintain those connections, grow loyalty and reap the rewards of happy guests. Now, when you see those happy guests of yours, remember they’re not just passing through, they’re your ticket to a more profitable business.