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About Us

Best Accommodation Supplier

We love the Yarra Valley and it’s ranges. It’s been our home for over four decades and we count ourselves lucky for every minute we’ve lived in this beautiful region. In 2009 we started selling locally made products online to share our love of this unique and special place. Over a decade later, that little online store has grown into Yarra Valley Trading.

After all these years, our motives are still the same. We want to share the joy and beauty of the Yarra Valley and it’s surrounding ranges like the Marysville triangle and The Dandenongs with as many people as possible. For us, that means being the best accommodation supplier in the region, offering a broad range of products designed to enhance your guests’ stay and deliver a true Yarra Ranges experience.

Above all, we value our relationships with our customers. Our reputation is not limited to just our excellence in customer service but also our, locally sourced products at affordable prices. We take it upon ourselves to welcome new businesses coming into the industry, sharing all we’ve learned over the past 10+ years to help grow the local tourism and accommodation community. We’ve been able to transform our customer service relationships into customer friendships, supporting our local network while embracing every new customer along the way.

Whether you’re a newcomer or have been accommodating locals and tourists for years, we can’t wait to have a chat about your accommodation supply needs. 

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